Advantages Of Fat Tire E-bikes

2019-04-03 09:55:16 Fat Tire E-bikes

1. Fat tire e-bikes were originally designed for snowfield riding. The fat and thick tires can grip the ground well. Tires have large air capacity which can reduce tire pressure. So fat tire e-bikes can be easily rided in snow, sand, mud, woodland and rocky terrain.

2. Fat tires have good damping capacity. Riders feel comfortable to ride fat tire e-bikes.

3. Although fat tire e-bikes look heavy, they are easy to ride.

4. Fat tire e-bikes are fashionable and personalized. They are popular among young people. 

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   MS11 e-bikes, MS12 e-bikes and MS13 e-bikes which are launched by Marswheel are all fat tire e-bikes. We welcome bike lovers and distributors to order!

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